NSF Organizes National Scrabble Tournament for Chief Aka

May 24, 2023

The maiden edition of the Engineer Toke Aka Jubilee National Scrabble Championship will be held at the Hotel de Bentley in Utako-district, Abuja on the 17th of June. Interested players can click here to register and make payment online immediately or offline

The Jubilee National Championship as well as a Scrabble Retreat is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Managing Director of Kadegg Ltd who is also the President of Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) Chief Engineer Toke Aka.

A special Scrabble Retreat has been scheduled to hold on the 15th of June at the Zalika Garden while the National Scrabble Championship will be decided at the Hotel de Bentley in Utako-district, Abuja on the 17th of June.

Over two million naira has been set aside as prize money for the Championships. The winner of the Masters category will go home with 250,000 naira while the winner of the Intermediate event will pocket 150,000 naira.

The top prize for Veteran players in the Jubilee National Championship is 125,000 naira.

The one day National Championship is a 12 round event comprising of 1 random, 8 lagged and 3 King of the hill pairings with each player having 20 minutes per game. The 2021 Collins Scrabble Words dictionary will be the reference material.

The special Scrabble Retreat is an 8 rounds, all comers event with no catchment rating points while the National Jubilee Championship is in three different categories. Masters, Intermediate and Veterans.

To compete in the Masters event, a player must have 1,300 and above rating catchment points. The Intermediate rating catchment is 1,299 rating points and below.

On the other hand, the Veterans event has no rating catchment requirement.

Masters event participants will pay 8,000 naira for registration while players wishing to battle for honours in the Intermediate and Veterans categories are expected to register with 6,000 naira each.

Registration for the Special Scrabble Retreat attracts a token fee of 3,000 Naira.

The registration closing date for players seeking to be part of the competition, is the 15th of June.

Click here to register and pay online or offline

The two-in-one event is open for sponsorship as well as donations. The chairman of the Organizing Committee, Chukwudi Ehibudu further stated that top quality hotels within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja have been selected as alternative accommodation for players coming for these events.

A dinner for the celebrant, Chief Engineer Toke Aka, President of Nigeria Scrabble Federation (NSF) has been fixed for the 16th of June at the Hotel de Bentley.

Maxwell Kumoye (Media & Publicity Director)

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