Exclusive Rules and Regulations For Clubs And Players

Special Rules and Regulations

  1. All scrabble clubs and scrabble sections of registered social clubs in Nigeria shall be deemed to be members immediately after payment and acceptance of prescribed affiliation fees, renewable annually.
  2. Such scrabble clubs/sections shall have a membership of at least seven (7) members to be eligible for registration as affiliate members of NSF.
  3. Each scrabble player must be a registered member of a scrabble club affiliated to NSF through the states scrabble associations and must obtain registration/players license through the payment of annual player’s registration fees to be determined by NSF board from time to time.
  4. All clubs affiliation fees and players licensing/registration fees must be paid on or before 30th January of each year.
  5. Where a member club or player fails to pay the annual fees by the 31st March of each year, such club or player shall be deemed to have automatically relinquished their membership and shall be re-admitted into the NSF after payment of the total fees owed along with a fine to be determined by the NSF board from time to time.

The NSF board shall generate funds through:-

  1. Annual registration fees to be paid by affiliate clubs or states scrabble associations.
  2. Annual players licensing /registration fee
  3.  Tournaments registration fees.
  4. 10% deductions on all prizes won by players as tournament dues.
  5. 20% deductions on all largesse received by players, NSF board members and coaches as administrative dues to be paid directly into NSF account.
  6. 15% deductions on all prizes where players are partially sponsored to continental or international events.
  7.  50% deductions on all prizes where players are fully sponsored to continental or international events.
  8.  Special levies as may be deemed necessary by the NSF board from time to time.
  9. Voluntary donation or fundraising activities.
  10. Loans when necessary as determined by the NSF board
  1. Failure by players to pay the prescribed tournament dues or percentage deductions on prizes and largesse shall in the first instance attract immediate suspension from all NSF organized tournaments or similar competitions organized by its local, continental and international affiliates. The players can only be re-admitted after payment of the total amount due plus a fine to be determined by the NSF Board.
  2.   A second offence shall attract suspension for a period ranging from 3 to 5 years.
  3.  A third offence shall attract suspension for a period ranging from 5 to 10 years.
  4. The same punishment shall apply to players in case of default concerning largesse.
  5. In case of Board Members or coaches, the punishment shall be outright expulsion both as officials and member of NSF. They shall never be eligible to hold any official position again but can be re-admitted as players after three (3) years and payment of the total amount due plus a fine to be determined by the NSF Board.
  1. Each zone is expected to host one zonal closed and one national open tournament every year.
  2. Each of the tournaments shall be organized under the auspices of the NSF and by following the laid down rules and regulations of tournaments.
  3. All the tournaments shall be rated subject to compliance of all conditions leading to the accreditation of the tournament by the NSF.
  4. All tournaments must be directed by an NSF Certified Tournament Director
  1. Organizers of tournaments must be NSF registered members or its corporate partners.
  2. Organizers must seek and obtain prior approval of NSF before the event.
  3. Organizers must pay N50, 000 as rating fee for national competitions and N25, 000 for zonal closed tournaments.
  4. Organizers must provide accommodation for NSF Board members and Tournament Directors billed to attend the tournaments.

All players and affiliates must exhibit the highest degree of comportment, decorum, speech, dressing and conduct at all times.

  1. Players must be suitably dressed at tournaments, especially during closing and prize-giving ceremonies.  Boxer shorts and sleeveless singlet or shirts are strictly prohibited during closing and prize-giving ceremonies.
  2. Smoking and consumption of alcohol in tournament halls are strictly prohibited throughout tournaments.
  3. Shouting, singing, drumming and noise making generally are strictly prohibited during tournaments.
  4. Cheating in whatever form is prohibited. Use of vernacular, sign language or any overt or covert moves aimed at assisting a player during games are also considered cheating.
  5. Collusion to inflate cumulative point spread is also cheating and both players are culpable. Any player caught cheating shall immediately be disqualified from that tournament and may face further sanctions as follows:
    1. Deduction of rating points
    2. Suspension from a couple of tournaments
    3. Suspension for a couple of years
    4. Expulsion for habitual cheaters

Any complaints grievances or disputes by bodies or individuals should in the first instance be made to the Captain of the Local Club or Chairman of the State Scrabble Association. If unresolved, then it should be escalated as follows.

  1. NSF zonal representative
  2. NSF Board
  3. National sports commission

It should be noted that the National Sports Commission is the final arbiter on all complaints, grievances and disputes. Under no circumstances should any club or player bye-pass the channels of dispute absolution enumerated above.

Failure to adhere to this shall lead to arraignment before the NSF disciplinary committee and if found guilty could lead to the following sanctions.

  1. Suspension for a minimum of 5 years.
  2. Suspension for a minimum of 5 years and loss of a minimum of 50% of the player’s existing rating points.
  3. De-registration and expulsion for habitual offenders.

The NSF board shall use part of the monies it generates through percentage deductions and registration fees towards conducting some or the entire tournaments listed below, depending on the resources available to it.

  1. Youth scrabble development programmes
  2. Inter-club competitions
  3. National championship
  4. Grandmaster tournament

Players to represent Nigeria in international events shall be selected based on Current National Ratings and/or any qualifiers that may be conducted by the NSF Board.

Players who eventually qualify to represent Nigeria in international events will be expected to sponsor themselves to the events. Where any, some or all of the players fail to raise necessary funds, they will be replaced with the next players in line.

The NSF board shall, however, continue to look for sponsorship for these international events and whenever it succeeds in getting the sponsorship the funds will be used for the international event accordingly.


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