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Player Licensing

Register and pay the annual Player Licensing Fee. The fee is six eight thousand naira (NGN 8,000) per annum for players who are members of NSF Affiliated Clubs and thirty thousand naira (NGN 30,000) for players who desire to register as Independent Players. Registration after the 30th of April attracts penalty fees stated above.

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Club Affiliation

Register and Pay your Annual Club Affiliation Fee. NSF affiliation fee is twelve (now) fifteen thousand naira (NGN 15,000) per club per annum.  Registration after the 31st of April attracts penalty fees.

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Tournament Registrations

Tournament registrations and payments (bulk/single).

Use the form to add participants (players) you wish to register. Ensure to select the correct player status (Rated, Unrated, or Veteran) by checking the appropriate field.  This will determine the fee and total amount (if more than one participant is registered). To add more (or remove) players/participant info, click "Add" (or "Remove") buttons respectively. Veterans must be selected from the dropdown list of NSF-approved Veterans. Always wait for the participant names, fees, category, and rating fields (where applicable) to update before advancing.

When you are done, click "Submit Info" to redirect to the checkout page where you can complete your order by making payment online via Paystack. A successful payment validates your entry.

Maximum (bulk) registration is 10 per single order.

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Ongoing maintenance. Be back soon. Please bear with us.

This tournament is closed for registrations.

Club Affiliation & Registration

Club Affiliation & Registration

Register and Pay your Annual Club Affiliation Fee. The fee is twelve thousand naira (NGN 12,000) per annum.  Registration after the 31st of March attracts penalty fees. 

Club Information

This form will not accept duplicates. Check the list of registered clubs by clicking here (opens a new browser tab/window) before you fill this form. Fill in your club info. More details may be needed later if/when your club is approved by the NSF.
Clubhouse or club office address. You may add a postal address if you wish.
An approximate number of potential/current club members. NSF minimum allowed for registration is seven (7).

Club Admin Information

Online (club) admin/representative details. Kindly ensure this is accurate. Information regarding the club will be communicated through the admin.
Player Licensing Registration

Player Licensing Registration

NSF Player Annual Licensing Payment

Basic Info

Your Name
Your Name
First name
Club Membership (select desired option)
Select the appropriate option for this registration. Details submitted and payments calculated here will depend on the option you select.
Select your club from the dropdown list. If your club is not on the list, follow the instructions below.

Ensure you select the correct club for the player(s) you desire to register as any info you submit shall be linked with that club. If your club is not on the ( club) list, your club may not have been registered or approved for affiliation yet and you cannot proceed further.

What you can do if your club is not on the club selection list (suggestions)

  • Contact your club admin to register your club and pay the NSF affiliation fee
  • Register your club yourself and make payment using the appropriate form on this page.
  • Contact the NSF TD (08036257270) if your club is properly affiliated (registered) with the NSF but is not on this list.
If you've selected your club on the list (or you have chosen to register as an independent player, switch this button to Yes (and wait for the form to display below).

Add Player(s) Information

Add player details. You may register more than one player per club, up to a maximum of 15 per submission. The annual licensing fee is NGN6,000 per club member and NGN30,000 per independent player.
Player Name
Player Name


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