2012 Kwete Scrabble Championship

February 26, 2012

Date:  Friday 16th - Saturday 17th March, 2012 (Arrival - Thursday)

Time: Games start 12 noon on Friday & 9am on Saturday
Venue: Lamurde Town Hall

  • Masters 1350 & above
  • Opens - 1349 & below

Registration fee

  • Masters N4,000/player
  • Opens - N2,000/player
No. of Games: 12 games in each category & 20 minutes apiece

Star Prizes: Masters - N400,000.00,  Opens - N150,000.00 and lots of consolation prizes to be announced soon.

Register online after payment  click here . Registration closes 9th of March 2012.

Participation is open to only those in good standing with the NSF. NSF registered players to pay only participation fees stated above while non-registered players to pay an participation fees plus NSF registration fees i.e Masters- N9,000, opens N7,000.

SPONSOR: Numan Traditional Council

N/B: For those who desire to represent Nigeria at the Africa Scrabble Championship late 2012, it is strongly advisable for you to attend.

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