The games of the 9th Godswill Akpabio International Scrabble Classics are underway!

Annotated Games (Masters category) on Cross-Tables.com

Round 1 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27127
Round 2 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27130
Round 3 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27128
Round 3 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27129
Round 4 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27131
Round 4 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27132
Round 5 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27133
Round 5 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27134
Round 6 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27152
Round 7 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27135
Round 8 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27136
Round 9 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27150
Round 9 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27154
Round 10 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27151
Round 10 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27153
Round 11 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27156
Round 11 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27157
Round 14 Table 1 : http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27158
Round 14 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27159
Round 15 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27161
Round 15 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27160
Round 17 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27162
Round 17 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27165
Round 18 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27163
Round 18 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27166
Round 19 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27164
Round 21 Table 1 : http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27167
Round 22 Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27169
Round 22 Table 2: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27168
Round 23 Table 3: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27170
Round 24 Table 2 http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27174
Round 24 KOH Table 1 : http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27171
Round 25 KOH Table 1 http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27175
Round 26 KOH Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27172

Round 27 KOH Table 1: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=27176


The 9th edition of the prestigious Scrabble Championship will be held from 27th to 3oth of September 2017 at Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, South-South Nigeria. The tournament will be chaired by His Excellency, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio (Pillar of Scrabble in Africa) and hosted by the Executive Governor, Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. All players, local and international are invited to participate and enjoy great hospitality and the splendid tourism attractions the beautiful city of Uyo has on offer.

This years tournament will feature five (5) divisions including the Youth category for secondary and primary school students.  The eventual Champion will take home a trophy and the ten thousand US dollar (N4,000,000 or $10,000 ) cash prize. There are also prizes for the top performing ladies/female players. Detailed information on the prize distribution, registration, travel and other details are available here.

Please confirm your rating by clicking here before payment and registration. Rating after WESPAC Qualifiers shall be used for this tournament.

Registration has commenced. Click here to register.

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The 8th edition of the Godswill Akpabio International Scrabble Classics was concluded on Sunday the 28th September 2014. Current Scrabble World Champion Nigel Richards became the second non-Nigerian to win the coveted prize. He carted home the top prize of twenty thousand US dollars $20,000 after 28 games. He won 21 games with a total spread of +1797 points. Former African Champion Jighere Wellington came second with 19 wins and +807 spread while Olatunde Oduwole came third with 19 wins and +739 spread. Full results and game statistics of the Masters can be found here.

In the Intermediate category Ezinore George came first with 20 wins out of 28 games and a +990 spread followed closely by Evruje James 19 wins +1375 and Etua Larry 19 wins +778 spread in second and third place respectively. For full results in this category click here . The Open category was won by John Aiyedun 20/24 +1626 spread. In 2nd and 3rd place respectively were Adekunle Ayo (17/24 +1413 spread) and Ohwonohwo Rutherford (17/24 +1295 ). The Ladies category had 42 ladies in attendance with 24 games played. The first prize went to Ekaba Dorcas who had 19.5/24 +1948, beating Lawrence Adesola (19/24 +557) and Yeribo Zini (16.5/24 +1400) to the second and third position respectively. In the Veteran category Odulele Rotimi came first with 22/28 +1695, with Barr. Aquaisua Edet coming second with 20/28 +1318 while Majemite Prince came third with 19/28 +1067. Full results: Open Ladies Veterans

Messrs Oduwole,Jihere and Richards at the 8th GAISC

The tournament was attended by over 400 players including elementary school children with the NSF Board members and officials presiding. The opening ceremony was attended by the Akwa Ibom state Commissioner of Health who gave a talk on prevention and control of the current Ebola epidermic in W/Africa. The closing ceremony and banquet was presided over by the State Deputy Governor Valerie Ebe who presented the trophy to the Champion Nigel Richards assisted by commissioner for Sports and the representative of the Minister of Sports Mr Bolaji Ojo-Oba along with NSF president Suleiman Gora and other board members.

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