NSF President Congratulates Alchemist Cup Team

December 11, 2018

The President, Nigeria Scrabble Federation Sulaiman Garba Gora has sent a congratulatory message to the members of the Nigerian team to the Alchemist Cup. See below for the full text of the letter circulated on Facebook..

Nigeria's Team to the Alchemist Cup

On behalf of the Nigeria Scrabble Federation and the entire scrabble community I extend our congratulation to our players for making us proud. You performances were amazing and inspiring considering your tight schedule leading to the tournament.
After playing at the African Scrabble Championship where you came out victorious, you have to jet out in less than 24 hours for long flights that took you to Addis Ababa, Singapore and Penang, only to start the gruesome 45 games of the Alchemist Cup a day after your arrival with no time to rest.
There is no doubt jet lag and fatigue was to set in at a given time. Moses Peter has to be taken to hospital during the tournament.
With all above, you still fought gallantly by proving to the world why we are still the best in the world. For us, we are proud of you guys and heartily congratulate you and shall be looking to welcome you home to a hero reception you all deserve.
I want to sincerely thank everybody who supported me in making sure we never missed our international engagements at this difficult and trying time in sports administration. Thank you also for understanding and representing this country in the most austere conditions. You have proven that flying the flag of your country comes first above any other consideration.
Welcome home our heroes and pride
God bless you all
God bless our country

Sulaiman Garba Gora

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