Kogi Scrabble Open 2012

August 2, 2012


Winners emerged after 15 games were played in the three categories Masters, Open and Veterans.

In the Masters category, Etim Nsikan of Akwa-Ibom State emerged champion with 12 points +1338 to take home a beautiful plaque and the grand prize of N170,000, while Eromosele Samuel of Edo State had 12 points +642 to  win the first prize of N100,000 in the Open category. Veteran Niyi Esan emerged champion in the Veteran category with 11 points +842 winning a cash prize of  N100,000 and a plaque. Closing ceremony(video)

Full Results Kogi Opens 2012

Veterans   Open  Masters

Tournament Details

[sections] [section title="Dates"]

August Friday 31st - September Sunday 2nd.

[/section] [section title="Venue"]

Confluence Hotels. Lokoja

[/section] [section title="No. of Games"]

15 games at 20 minutes/player

[/section] [section title="Categories"]

  • Masters - 1350 and above
  • Opens - below 1350
  • Veterans - (Players over the age of 55 years and in-active Captains of Industry)

[/section] [/sections]


All intending players must register online after bank payment of registration fee. See link below.
Registration is inclusive of accommodation as follows:

  1. Masters (single player or paired players)
  2. Opens (single player or paired players)
  3. Veterans (single player or paired players)
  4.  Master player pairing with either Opens or Veterans player.


All unlicensed players  must include an additional registration fee of N8,000 
Accommodation is for 2 nights only: Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st September night. Check out is on Sunday September 2nd.

Registration payment is as follows:

  • A. Licensed Players
    1. Masters with Single Room: N15,000
    2. Both Masters players sharing Double room: N26,000
    3. Opens with Single Room: N14,000
    4. Both Opens players sharing Double room:  N24,000
    5. Veteran with single room: N14,000
    6. Both Veterans players sharing Double Room: N24,000
    7. One Master Sharing a room with either One Open or One Veteran Player: N25,000

    A discount of N4000 is allowed for each Female Player on all the above fees.

  • B.  Players who do not wish to take up accommodation:
    1.  Masters - 10k each
    2. Opens and Veterans - 9k each
  • C.  Unlicensed Players
    1. Each unlicensed Player will pay an extra 8k over and above the fees paid by licensed players.

    All payments to be made to Nigeria Scrabble Federation Access bank account No: 0005397374
    All players must confirm their registration by completing the online registration after payment
    Online registration portal :  http://www.nigeriascrabble.com/event/registration/

All players to come with boards and timers or be prepared to hire same from the NSF at a fee.


In order to curb noise making at our tournament venues: A deduction of 50 cumulative points (For either current game or next game) for first noise making apprehension will be applied; and a dismissal for 2nd apprehension.


Friday 31st August:
Arrival of all players/ guests check into allocated rooms.
Get together party with free drinks for all Residents - 9pm till midnight.

Saturday 1st September:
8am - 1pm Games 1-61pm - 2pm Lunch (provided) Break
2pm - 7pm games 7-12

Sunday 2nd September:
8am-11am Games 13-1511am-12noon Presentation of prizes
Departure of all players/Guests


All prizes are in (multiples of) thousands (Naira) e.g 30 = N30,000
In Masters: Top two Highest Placed but lowest rated players (Not placed within 1-10 position) will get a prizes of N20,000 each. N20,000 is also offered to be best finishing female Player in the Open category not in the prize sharing range (whichever is higher in case prize is lower than 20k).
NOTE: Prizes may still increase if sponsorship is received.

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