2023-24 Clubs Players Affiliation and Licensing

May 25, 2023

Clubs/Players have commenced payments for Club affiliation fees and Player Annual Subscription, respectively to NSF. Listed below are the details of affiliated club and Subscribed players:

AFFILIATED CLUBS (As at 24TH May, 2023)

  1. Apex Scrabble Club - Abuja
  2. Central Scrabble Club - Abuja
  3. Egbin Scrabble Club - Ikorodu
  4. Benin Scrabble Club - Benin
  5. Anambra Scrabble Friends Scrabble Club, Awka
  6. Lekki Scrabble Club - Lekki
  7. Building Scrabble Pros (BSP) Scrabble Club, Lagos
  8. Surulere Scrabble Club, Lagos
  9. Sapele Scrabble Club, Sapele

FULLY COMPLIED CLUBS (Club Affiliated with at least 7 Subscribed Players) as at 24th May, 2023 - to enjoy Incentives.

  • APEX Scrabble Club, Abuja
    Curtis John
    Ehibudu Chukwudi
    Oyebola Alli
    Ebomah Peter
    Jimoh Abdulmumin
    Anthony Odok
    Oguntade Oluwasogo
    Chukwukelu Peter
    Pius Alhassan
  • Central Scrabble Club, Abuja
    Olobatoke Aka
    Etuwewe Prince
    Ubong Udoette
    Edili Joseph
    Solomon Afolabi
    Okechukwu David
    Tony Emifile
    Mohammed Bashir
    Isiekwe Austin
    Majemite Prince
    Sule Success
    Omini Patrick Ofem
    Deji Adebayo
    Emmanuel Mogbolu
    Malcolm Gbishe
    Bello Abdulhakeem
  • Egbin Scrabble Club, Ikorodu
    Ibong Homily
    Larry Ojoko
    Michael Akibo
    Adebisi Adekola
    Harrison Osagiede
    Ebi Thorne
    Venatius Ihezuo
  • Benin Scrabble Club, Benin
    Bright Idahosa
    Ezinore George
    Oghomaria Umukoro
    Okiemute Tega
    Osawe Victor
    Cyril Umebiye
    Omosefe Prince
    Eromosele Sammy
    Faith Iyamu
  • Anambra Scrabble Friends Scrabble Club, Awka
    Chukwudi Ndibe
    Chinedu Thorpe
    Emmanuel Ede
    Ajuluchukwu Okagbue
    Eziluke Dennis
    Frank Onwuemene
    Isidore Emoavwoyan
  • Building Scrabble Pros (BSP) Scrabble Club, Lagos,
    Collins Okafor
    Edafe Erigi
    Benjamin Akpotu
    Obende Martins
    Idomele Emeka
    Ahmed Bello
    Erezi Iseh
    Christopher Monday
    Silver Ikpere
    Harrison Samuel
  • Sapele Scrabble Club, Sapele
    Dennis Ikekeregor
    Rex Ogbakpa
    Jennifer Ikekeregor
    Eyekomogba Morrison
    Omaye Nelson
    Akpome Joe
    Aweh Ebi

PARTIALLY COMPLIED CLUBS - Less than 7 subscribed players

  • Lekki Scrabble Club, Lekki
    Emmanuel Egbele
    Ojior Osikhena
    Ebikeme Adowei
    Ademola Kuye
    Dave Nwabor

Club not yet effective (Requisite criterion of “Minimum of 7Players for Club to be recognized” has not been fulfilled).

  • Surulere Scrabble Club, Lagos
    Frank Ishekwene
    Andrew Umogbai
    Jacob Tone
    Ben Humbe
    Hakeem Olaribigbe
    Ambrose Omoragbon

Please NOTE:
Penalties for late Club Affiliation/Players Annual Subscription will come into effect on the 1st of June, 2023 (after the lapse of the extension period on the 31st of May, 2023.

From 1st of June, 2023 Tournament files including unsubscribed players for the 2023/2024 Scrabble Season shall not be rated, except the concerned player/s duly meet his/her/their obligations (after either paying the nominal and penalty due or paying the fine associated with playing a tournament having not subscribed through an affiliated Club).

John Curtis (Technical Director)

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