The Gladiators WESPA (Virtual) Championship will be held on Woogles each weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from November 20-December 5. Updates on Team Nigeria games and team performance including live stream videos from the team's camp at Benin City will be published here. The entire tournament statistics and results may be followed via this link: WESPA Gladiators

Team A (Nigeria)

  1. Anthony Odok
  2. Emmanuel Umujose
  3. Enoch Nwali
  4. Oshevire Avwenagha

Team B (Nigeria)

  1. Wellington Jighere
  2. Nsikak Etim
  3. Eta Karo
  4. Prince Omosefe
  5. Olatunde Oduwole
  6. Emmanuel Ofidi
  7. Olufemi Gbadebo


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