Nigeria has won the 2012 edition of the African Scrabble Championship held between the 22nd - 26th of November in Livingstone Zambia. The championship (the 10th edition) was won by Rex Ogbakpa a member of the Nigerian contingent which consisted of 12 players and 4 officials. 4 countries competed at the tournament viz Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and host Zambia with a combined total of 49 players. Rex Ogbakpa runner-up at the 2012 Godswill Akpabio Int. Classics and a member of the Uyo Scrabble Club achieved the feat by winning 21 (+1639 margin) of the 30 games played. He was closely followed by Owolabi Lukeman (20 wins +1171) and Omosefe Prince (who lost to Ogbakpa in the final game) with 19.5points +1369.

rex ogbakpa - nigeriaNigeria picked the first 5 spots at the championship in addition to the 8-11th positions. Kenya's Nderitu Gitonga and Mugisha Phillip-Edwin of Uganda were the only non-Nigerians in the top 10 at the end of the championship. All players featured by Nigeria at the event finished within the top half of the field. The only non-Nigerian to have ever won the tournament, South Africa's Trevor Hovelmeier who participated in the event placed a distant 26th. Nigeria also won the Best Team award and the Best Female player award through Mayuku Tuoyo.

Standings after Round 30


121–9+1639Ogbakpa, Rex (#2/Nigeria)
220–10+1171Owolabi, Lukeman (#5/Nigeria)
319½–10½+1369Omosefe, Prince (#3/Nigeria)
419–11+762Etim, Nsikan (#4/Nigeria)
518½–11½+862Karo, Eta (#1/Nigeria)
618–12+1394Nderitu, Gitonga (#14/Kenya)
718–12+672Mugisha, Phillip-Edwin (#37/Uganda)
818–12+642Mayuku, Tuoyo (#9/Nigeria)
918–12+620Kabir, Olaiya (#7/Nigeria)
1018–12+109Victor, Owokere (#11/Nigeria)
1117½–12½+728Bright, Idahosa (#10/Nigeria)
1217–13+1031Oyende, Allan (#19/Kenya)
1317–13+555Otieno, Manase (#20/Kenya)
1417–13+374Mbugua, Nicholas (#15/Kenya)
1517–13+362Hromnik, Tristan (#36/SA)
1617–13+83Mwangi, Willy (#17/Kenya)
1716½–13½−89Chavutia, Joseph (#25/Kenya)
1816½–13½−198Kimani, Macharia (#13/Kenya)
1916–14+1099Ogbogu, Azu (#6/Nigeria)
2016–14+685Litunya, Patrick (#18/Kenya)
2116–14+349Page, Jarrod (#28/SA)
2216–14+217Sodje, Paul (#8/Nigeria)
2316–14−12Faruq, Baba-Inna (#12/Nigeria)
2416–14−222Hossy, Debbe (#29/SA)
2516–14−388Outi, Tobias (#22/Kenya)
2615½–14½+268Hovelmeier, Trevor (#27/SA)
2715½–14½−284Wheelwright, Fern (#32/SA)
2815–15+939Kangethe, David (#21/Kenya)
2915–15+310Kariuki, Charles (#26/Kenya)
3015–15−117Mwape, Isaac (#42/Zambia)
3115–15−213Munkonge, Mwenya (#40/Zambia)
3215–15−214Ngosa, Mwila (#44/Zambia)
3315–15−281Ruto, Cecilia (#23/Kenya)
3415–15−720Kambikambi, Mubanga (#48/Zambia)
3514½–15½−144Mutahi, Martins (#24/Kenya)
3614½–15½−224Ntege, Chris (#38/Uganda)
3714–16+160Njoroge, Stanley (#16/Kenya)
3814–16−203Tresha, Dominic (#45/Zambia)
3914–16−730Milukuti, Sydney (#49/Zambia)
4013½–16½−461Rayner, Howard (#33/SA)
4113½–16½−724Davids, Gerald (#31/SA)
4213–17+37Mpundu, Patrick (#39/Zambia)
4312½–17½−674Keet, Duncan (#30/SA)
4412–18−516Koti, Clifford (#41/Zambia)
4511–19−1290Kalema, Sydney (#47/Zambia)
4610–20−241Botha, Mary (#34/SA)
479–21−1748Chansa, Justin (#51/Zambia)
489–21−1859Brey, Zubeida (#35/SA)
496–24−2335Moonga, Levy (#52/Zambia)

Hosts and Past Winners of ASC


1stKenya1994Ifeanyi Onyeonwu NGR
2ndNigeria1996Femi Awowade NGR
3rdSouth Africa1998Jimoh Saheed NGR
4thGhana2000Moshood Sanni NGR
5thKenya2002Trevor Hovelmeier SA
6thTanzania2004Dennis Ikekeregor NGR
7thNigeria2006Dennis Ikekeregor NGR
8thKenya2008Jighere Wellington NGR
9thGhana2010Jighere Wellington NGR
10thZambia2012Rex Ogbakpa NGR

The 2nd National Scrabble Club Championship will be held in Abuja from the 16th - 18th of
November 2012. The competition will feature licensed Scrabble clubs from different states of the federation represented by 5 players who will each play 22 games to determine the best Scrabble club in Nigeria. Twenty-two games will be played. Eight (8) each on Friday (17th) and Saturday (18th) and 6 on Sunday (19th).
The prizes are: A trophy and N300,000.00 for the best club. N200,000.00 and N 00,000.00 for the first and second runners-up respectively. Presentation of prizes will feature a Gala night and the investiture of Governor Godswill Akpabio as Grand Patron of Nigeria Scrabble on Sunday evening at Nicon Luxury Hotel Area 11 Abuja.

Sixteen (16) clubs are participating at the finals. The teams and their representatives are as follows:

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